How to correctly package furniture

The old kitchen chair has been standing around for a while - a real collector's item, but it just doesn't suit you. Now you've sold it, perhaps on eBay. The spontaneous joy of money gives way to the disillusioning realization: now you have to send it! Don't panic :)

Solution 1: You live in Berlin,so you can order a Packator HERO, hand over the chair to them - and you're done. No packaging, no queuing at the post office, no stress.

Solution 2: You pack the chair yourself and send it on its way. Either with a Packator Hero or by yourself.

One thing is clear: the chair should arrive safely and without damages. That's why we have some tips for you.

To pack the furniture optimally and safely, you need:

  • an edge protector/edge cushion
  • some packing/adhesive tape and
  • a small knife

Now secure all moving parts (such as drawers or doors) with the tape. Wrap the adhesive tape around the complete piece of furniture if possible, so that everything holds in place.

Ensure that sharp corners or edges are secured by the protective pads (to prevent any possible damage).

Your piece of furniture is very sensitive or expensive and you want to play it safe? Then wrap it in bubble wrap.

Last but not least, all you have to do is attach the shipping document - and your furniture is off!

You send furniture more often and want to save on packaging?

Then send a request to Packator - we will be happy to help you!

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