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Dortmund Facts

Packator Kurierdienst Dortmund

Packator gives you direct access to an entire courier network. We work with local specialists for shipments within Dortmund and with professionals for national express or overnight shipments. Depending on your requirements, you will receive the appropriate courier service.

Fahrradkurier in Dortmund

For more than 30 years now, bicycle couriers in Dortmund have been hunting between the fast growing companies in the city. The many trade fairs and events also ensure that Dortmund´s couriers are always running at full capacity and have to deal with bottlenecks.

Express and Overnight Dortmund

We pick up your overnight and express shipments in Dortmund within the next 90 Minutes or when ever it suits you. Our Express Delivery Partners will ship worldwide. You will get a transparent tracking so you know always where your shipments are.

Dortmund Delivery Tours

You need a courier service to deliver your items to various adresses in Dortmund. Than you can ask for our Tour Delivery Service for Dortmund and you will get a perfect matching offer. Let our service team make you an offer.

City courier Dortmund

Within 60 minutes our couriers are on site to pick you up. Delivery within the city is then usually possible within 2 hours. Since couriers often do not only transport shipments, it is important that you tell us exactly how fast your shipment should reach its destination.

Your courier in Dortmund

Dortmund is one of the economic centres in the Ruhrgebiet. Packator is your one stop shop for all things delivery in Dortmund. We work with national and local courier partner to ensure that your shipments are dealt with efficiently and professionally. From bike couriers to zero emission rides, Packator offers you all that and then some.

Our Customers

Making logistic easy, one shipment at a time

Since Packator has been managing our outgoing mail, everything has worked out perfectly. The service team is always available to manage any special requests.

Robert Rischke

We have greatly benefited from Packator’s quick deliveries as an additional service to our seller.

Stefan Tietze

For more than a year now, Packator has been a reliable shipping partner - convenient, dependable, and with excellent customer service.

Maren Will
Mara Mea

Packator gives you access to lots of couriers. We cooperate with leading certified courier partners in Dortmund. Depending on the consignment, we select the optimal partner. In doing so, we try to make the best use of our partners' capacities, so that fewer empty runs occur. This protects the environment and your budget.

Courier service Dortmund: fast service in the Ruhr area

We find the right courier service Dortmund for every order at lightning speed. We have a first-class network with the best courier services in the city. This enables us to guarantee maximum availability at the courier service.

Efficient and environmentally friendly courier service Dortmund

We distribute your orders very efficiently. No unnecessary kilometres are driven, your shipment reaches its destination as quickly as possible. We prefer bicycle couriers or emission-free vehicles. This protects the environment and is often faster than a conventional means of transport with heavy traffic in Dortmund. We deliver particularly important shipments in a hurry by direct delivery.

Conditions in Dortmund

The large city in the Ruhr area with just under 600,000 inhabitants is one of Germany's major economic centres with a correspondingly high volume of courier shipments, but also with very heavy traffic. Today, the former industrial metropolis is an important technology and service location. In the past, the coal, steel and beer sectors dominated the economy; today, the retail and insurance industries have important centres here. In addition, there are six universities with almost 55,000 students. Dortmund is an important high-tech location due to its scientific facilities, companies are preferably founded in the fields of microsystems technology, logistics and information technology. Dortmund is also an important traffic junction. This results in a wide range of tasks for courier services, many time-critical shipments have to be delivered very punctually every day.

City courier service in Dortmund

As the city is booming, the volume of courier shipments is constantly growing. Authorities, companies, universities and logisticians as well as countless private individuals have to send daily mail, parcels and parcels, in many cases it should be very fast. Our couriers carry everything from important letters or documents to spare parts and consumer goods to scientific samples. You can rely on secure delivery in the time required.

Our couriers are constantly on the move between the Kreuzviertel, Nordstadt, Kaiserstrasse and Brückenstrasse districts - on all days of the week and in all weathers. We usually pick up your items in less than 60 minutes, delivery in the city area takes a maximum of two hours. Usually it goes even faster. We inform you about the approximate time frame at rush hours in the morning and in the afternoon. Dortmund bicycle couriers can avoid overloaded main roads and detours through construction sites, which means that most orders can be processed faster than by car. It is only important that you specify the size of the shipment relatively precisely. The choice of means of transport depends on this. Of course, a washing machine cannot be carried by the bicycle courier.

National and international courier service Dortmund

Packator also transports national and international shipments. We deliver worldwide by express, in Germany overnight deliveries are usually no problem. If your parcel has to go to London, Rome or Paris, please let us know the maximum time available - we will take care of the rest. For countries outside the EU (e.g. Switzerland) we take over the necessary customs clearance for you. For urgent shipments in Germany we can fall back on an excellent network of courier services. This enables collection on the day of order and delivery to the recipient on the morning of the following day. As a rule, your shipment is at its destination from 08.00 a.m. on the following day. Dealers appreciate this service because they receive urgent goods before they open their shop to customers.

Track courier shipments to and from Dortmund

First of all, our support team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your shipment. In addition, we have set up a tracking system for all city courier jobs. You can track the status of your shipment from the time you receive your application to your destination via your Packator account for courier and direct shipments. Tracking is usually also possible for national and international shipments, because our courier partners also issue tracking numbers, which we will inform you immediately. Should problems occur in very rare cases, you can contact us immediately by telephone, chat or e-mail. Please also read our FAQ section: There you will find answers to many questions.

How much does a courier trip in Dortmund cost?

Our prices depend on the size of your shipment, the distance travelled and the urgency. How you can make a price calculation, you see on A fixed price table would not meet the most diverse requirements. We adjust the price individually to the order and can score with very favourable conditions, which you can see before your order. Of course, express deliveries and direct deliveries must be slightly more expensive than a standard shipment. With the latter, we can often combine several orders, which saves us effort and the customer money. Of course you can also ask for the price of your shipment by telephone, chat or e-mail. In addition to transparent prices, we offer 100% availability. Make use of our services:

- City courier services in Dortmund

- national and international express shipping to and from Dortmund

- Germany-wide overnight deliveries


Use our online tool for your booking or contact us by phone, chat or e-mail. We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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