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Packator ♥ Munich

Munich Courier Service

No matter whether it is an urgent registered letter or a beer tent set, we bring your shipment to its destination quickly.

Bicycle couriers in Munich

Munich's bicycle couriers have a long tradition. Not as long as the famous Oktoberfest, but still for over 30 years! There is no more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative for sending shipments back and forth quickly between growing companies in the city centre. Our couriers skilfully avoid traffic jams.


Less traffic and fewer emissions, but more quality of life - with City2Share the city of Munich wants to achieve better mobility with a number of initiatives. These include projects to better organise delivery traffic in the city. We support these measures and coordinate closely with those responsible.

Innovation Hub

Munich is one of the leading economic metropolises in Germany. The city is booming and with it the courier business. Together with various other start-ups, we are working on innovative concepts for urban logistics. Our goal is to organise courier traffic in Munich as efficiently as possible and to relieve road traffic.


"Clean!" The Bavarians say, if they want to express their satisfaction. Our courier services in Munich also work cleanly. The metropolis is one of the most demanding in terms of air pollution control. The efficient organization of tours and the use of emission-free vehicles make an important contribution to this.

Our Customers

Making logistic easy, one shipment at a time

Since Packator has been managing our outgoing mail, everything has worked out perfectly. The service team is always available to manage any special requests.

Robert Rischke

We have greatly benefited from Packator’s quick deliveries as an additional service to our seller.

Stefan Tietze

For more than a year now, Packator has been a reliable shipping partner - convenient, dependable, and with excellent customer service.

Maren Will
Mara Mea

Courier service in Munich: Eco-friendly and fast on the road for you

Munich is one of the leading economic metropolises in Germany. Not only are some of the largest companies in the country based here, the start-up scene is also booming, and with it Packator; the new courier service for Munich. In the Bavarian capital, we work closely with a large network of courier services. In this way, we always offer our customers maximum availability and fast service. Packator delivers shipments of all kinds quickly and efficiently from A to B, in the city centre of Munich, but also in Germany or worldwide. We distribute our orders in such a way that no unnecessary mileage is driven. Your shipment will nevertheless reach its destination quickly and safely, without polluting the environment. In the green showcase city of Munich, we rely heavily on bicycle couriers and emission-free vehicles.

Munich Fact Check

With 1.5 million inhabitants, Munich is one of the largest metropolises in Germany. Without a doubt, the important economic centre in the south of the country is one of the world's best-known German cities. This is not only due to the annual Oktoberfest, which is well attended, but also to the other, diverse cultural offerings: Important museums such as the Pinakotheken, the National Theatre, the Opera and Film Festival are among the highlights of the city on the Isar. Also the proximity to the Alps and the cosy beer gardens make the charm of "Minga". Munich is home to some of the largest German companies, but the start-up scene and gastronomy are also booming like hardly any other German metropolis. Everything seems to be flowing into the Bavarian capital, including of course a lot of important courier shipments. This is exactly what Packator is taking care of as a new courier service for Munich.

Bicycle courier service in Munich

Munich is known for its congested streets. When everything is yet again stuck on the Middle Ring again, or the Oktoberfest provides for exceptional congestion around the Theresienwiese, our bicycle couriers skilfully find their way through the chaos. We do not give anything up on traffic jams and prefer to deliver as quickly as possible. This guarantees ultra-fast delivery times. Our City Courier Service in Munich will pick up your shipment within 60 minutes and deliver it to your desired destination within the city in less than two hours. For a successful shipment, therefore, the correct package size must be specified. This tells us whether your City Courier job needs to be delivered by bicycle, emission-free vehicle or van.

Munich Courier Service - The Prices

Packator stands not only for 100% availability, but also for transparency when it comes to our conditions. Of course, we do not know the exact price of a shipment until we receive your specific inquiry. Just give us a try!

When calculating the cost of a shipment, we take into account the distance to be covered, the size of the shipment and the available time frame. For express deliveries we generally charge a higher price than for standard shipments. If we can combine a shipment with othes, this reduces the price. Direct journeys are somewhat more cost-intensive. To calculate the exact price for your shipment, please call us, write us or use our chat service.

We offer clear conditions: and no nasty surprises. The exact price for your shipment will be shown to you before you send your order thanks to our transparent instant calculation. Simply use the uncomplicated, fast online booking!

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