More financing rounds for further rollout

We launched a new on-demand solution for pick-up, packaging and shipping in the spring of 2016. After test runs in selected metropolitan areas, is now available nationwide - with a focused, demand-oriented business model. The platform has developed into an integrated marketplace for courier services, making it as easy as possible to book courier jobs.

In the second round of financing, Packator succeeded in convincing the previous shareholders with its refined concept and also won Horst Julius Pudwill as a new investor. Pudwill is best known for his involvement with Hertha BSC. In the second round, Packator received a total of two million euros for further development and expansion.

"We are closing a gap in the market, because so far there has not been a satisfactory solution for private and commercial customers to be able to book couriers easily and transparently online," explains Managing Director Michael Walser. "Packator's marketplace is an uncomplicated booking portal and courier services are a stepping stone to digitalisation. Courier services that work with Packator can use the Packator system and integrate it into their own system."

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