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We are expanding our green transport options. Join the ride!

At Packator, we are developing more and more CO2 neutral transport options. Our favourites are bicycle couriers. With a bike you can get through the city quickly and in an environmentally friendly way. The current shortcoming is that most cities are not really making any progress in expanding their cycling infrastructure. This sets limits to the use of cargo bikes in particular. On a narrow cycle path, a large cargo bike fits as well on the Spree as an overseas container ship. On the road, the cargo bikes are not really in good hands due to their low speed.

We have therefore decided to add small e-transporters to our fleet. With VTX, we have found a manufacturer of e-transporters that we believe are ideal for the city. The vehicles are small and manoeuvrable, yet have a decent loading volume and with a range of 120km and mx. 78km/h they achieve values that are absolutely sufficient in city traffic.

In the first step we will use the transporters in Berlin and then gradually extend them to other cities.

As usual, the green transport alternative can then be booked directly online via our website. For larger projects / consignment volumes, we are happy to create tailor-made green transport concepts. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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