Packator and mylittlejobs help students increase their Christmas budget

The job as a courier at Packator is especially suitable for students because of its flexibility

The streets are paved with money

The Christmas season is upon us. Christmas markets tempt with mulled wine and gingerbread, gifts are bought and warm winter clothes are being retrofitted. Every year, many a student asks themselves how such financial challenges can be overcome.

Because we used to be poor academics at Packator, together with mylittlejobs we came up with an idea to offer students a 100 percent flexible and lucrative job as a courier. No matter whether it's during lunch break, between two lectures, or on free days - at Packator, students assign their shifts themselves.

Being a courier is not rocket science

The only thing you need is a working Android smartphone and a way to get around.

Depending on what the backpack or trunk provides in terms of storage space, many documents, parcels of various sizes, and of course Christmas gifts are transported.

You’ll get to know all the beautiful corners of the city as well as get some fresh air. This can make a pleasant exception from hanging out at the university, your shared flat, or your local pub.

If you would like to improve your Christmas budget, you can apply for the job by clicking on the following link.


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