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In May we already gave some tips on how to get started as an online retailer.

In May we already gave some tips on how to get started in online retail. Today we'll explain in more detail how Packator can help you with this.

For us, it doesn't matter whether your business is still in the starting blocks, whether you are already busy placing orders or whether you already run a succesful shop and you are looking for a professional fulfillment service provider. Packator has solutions for small, medium and large online shops.

If you start with just a few shipments per week and want to pack your goods yourself, we can arrange for your shipments to be picked up at your premises and then hand them over to the major shipping service providers in a postage-optimised manner. You save a lot of time and money, because we can offer you great conditions through our quantity discounts. From approximately 3 orders per day this becomes worthwhile to consider.

At some point, every owner of a well-running online shop is ready to take the next step but asks themselves: Who can pack all the packages? Where will the truck park? Seriously, we need a truck now? Then it is high time to find a service provider who takes care of these things. Packator helps here too. Through our know-how and our strong partner network we find ways to optimise your logistics, take care of your work and organize your shipping process catered to your needs.

So your products are well received, people are trying to get hold of your goods, and your online shop is growing and growing? Now is the time to automate processes and exploit the possibilities of modern technologies. Storage is most likely also becoming a pressing issue. But investing in a warehouse is probably not a sensible step.

It is more efficient to find a partner who offers all logistics services from a single source. Our offer: Individual support for your entire logistics process, including goods reception, storage, packaging and shipping. For this purpose, our customers have a central warehouse at their disposal near Hanover, where our fulfillment professionals take care of all the necessary steps with great speed and great care. Your contact person at Packator will coordinate all the details with you and ensure that the process runs according to your specifications.

In short: Packator is your partner in e-commerce. No matter whether you are new to the business or already run an established shop. You can find all the information and conditions for our offer at a glance on our website.

You can also fill in the form there and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Or just call us on 030-577005345.

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