Packator has launched in Munich

Our Packator HEROES are now also on the road by the Isar!

In the late summer of 2016 we started with Packator in the capital and Berliners loved our service. That's why it was quickly clear: We want to conquer other cities with our shipping superheroes. No sooner said than done! From now on, everyone in Munich can experience shipping from A to B in their city with ease. Our HEROES can be booked easier than ever under

Fast and uncomplicated: order courier via our online booking form.

This is how it works: customers enter their pick-up and destination addresses on with just a few clicks in a simple booking form. If you wish, you can have the shipment picked up immediately within 60 minutes or set a date for pick-up (Monday to Saturday from 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.). Packator's couriers, called Packator HEROES, are flexible and accept shipments not only at home, but also at other locations such as shopping malls or cafés. The costs for shipping via Packator are easily manageable for the customer and can be called up directly and transparently online. Packator Espress "starts at 4.50 euros for small shipments plus a flat rate per kilometer.

You live in Munich and would like to earn money for that?

Any Munich resident who is already on the road in the city and owns a smartphone can work as a Packator HERO, pick up shipments and transport them from A to B.

The dispatcher app "Packator Go" shows which dispatch orders are in the vicinity or on the way, the Packator HERO can then decide spontaneously whether they want to take over the journey. Packator can also be used by shops, offices, online shops and hotels in Munich, for which the company offers the "Packator4Business" service.

Further information can be found here.

We are pleased that our HEROES will soon be able to make life easier for you in Munich!

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