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The year has barely begun and the first major trade fairs are just around the corner. In Berlin the Fashionweek starts and almost afterwards the Green Week. IN Cologne the IMM is just around the corner and then comes the confectionery fair. IN the other trade fair cities the calendar is similarly full.

Trade fairs and events are always a logistical challenge. Packator organises transport to and from the exhibition grounds in almost any size. And when there is a real fire, we really get to top form. Thanks to our large courier network, we can always find the right courier.

Valuable, irreplaceable exhibits or bulky, fragile goods are transported by our professionals and, if required, we can also organise proper assembly.

You can book simple, fast transports directly via our booking mask. More complicated cases can be solved by our Operations Team. A short telephone call or an email to is sufficient.

Photo by @ditmachtfeez

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