Now there is a transparent way to book couriers throughout Germany

A courier is only a few clicks away: courier services can now easily be calculated and commissioned via a marketplace.

Anyone who wants to send a courier for private or commercial purposes only has a few online options at their disposal that are quick and provide full price transparency. Whether a used stroller has to go from A to B within a city, or important documents urgently need to be delivered from Berlin to Munich by the next morning: From now on, you can organize the appropriate shipping with just a few clicks on

Packator has access to a Germany-wide network of connected, experienced courier partners and leading global logistics companies. Customers enter the pick-up address, destination and size of the goods to be shipped. They then determine the date of pick-up, see their price calculated for them and then decide the method of payment. Customers are always informed about the status of their consignment via shipment updates, and the invoice is issued after the service has been rendered.

Four demand-driven services - from the inner city to worldwide shipments.

Private and commercial customers have four courier services at their disposal:

Easy Overnight: Pick up today, next day delivery all over Germany, also before 8 a. m.

Easy Direct: Pick-up today, immediate delivery throughout Germany

City Now: Pick up within 60 minutes and fast delivery within the city

Easy Express: Pick-up today, and delivery around the world.

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