Can Robots Ship Packages?

The SXSW, one of the world's most innovative events, has just ended in the USA. Transport and logistics played an important role there this year. In essence, the following ideas for the future are currently being worked on in the logistics sector worldwide:

  • Autonomous driving - This topic will dominate vehicle development in the coming years. In passenger transport and also in the logistics sector, this topic promises to bring about tremendous upheavals. Autonomous vehicles can be organised and controlled much better. Drivers only intervene when there are problems.
  • Alternative delivery methods - Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAVs) and delivery robots in particular play an important role here. The first concepts are already being tested operationally.

In combination, both technologies will lead to a better organization of life in the ever fuller inner cities. Fewer (delivery) vehicles will reduce traffic and therefore pollution.

One of the technologies we at Packator are working hard on is voice control. This allows the two topics above to be combined into truly exciting services. We believe that interaction is the key to new logistics services.

Via voice control, you can simply send your wishes to the courier or delivery service. An intelligent (BOT) system then ensures that your wishes are implemented directly.

You can tell your delivery BOT that you are not at home right now and the delivery should be madeto your office. An intelligent system recognizes the order, confirms receipt and execution and forwards the job directly to the operational unit on the road. That can be the good old bicycle courier or an autonomous drone. What is important is that the information is communicated quickly to the right place and that the costumer receives feedback in return.

This technology also makes everything much easier for the courier, as voice control can also be used to accept orders. Modified route planning can betransferred directly to the navigation system and the route planning is then carried out via voice output.

See you in the future!

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