No stress when Shipping eBay goods

3,2,1...and moms old TV has a new owner. Nowadays it can be considered vintage!

Selling on eBay or eBay classifieds is fast and easy.

And then what? What is not suitable for self-pick-ups has to be sent somehow. This applies to professional power sellers as well as private individuals.  As soon as the bid is accepted, the stress starts. Find a suitable cardboard box, pack goods in a suitable material for safe transport, take it to the post office…

It doesn't have to be: with Packator's service, the sale is finalised as simply as it started.  Simply order a Packator HERO , they pick up the goods, have them packed safely, and Packator makes sure that everything is delivered on time. You can follow the shipment digitally and receive an invoice for the shipping costs, plus a 5 Euro service fee.

Easy Collection of Ebay Goods

You manage to buy a surfboard on eBay Kleinanzeigen right before your vacation? Congratulations! But now you need to pick it up across town. This will include 45 minutes in rush hour,  as well as 45 minutes back, and a parking spot is never a guarantee. Suggestion: You make yourself a coffee, order a Packator HERO to go to the pick-up address and they bring you the board directly to your home, only costing you a 5 Euro service fee. And that's it! If you want, we can send the board wherever you might need it and even insure it. To your hostel in the Algarve, for example. Then the shipping costs and a few euros for the packaging material are added.

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