How far can you cycle?

We also asked ourselves this question when we registered asa sponsor for the 24 hours of Transpedal. In a long tradition the bike couriersof Transpedal cycle 24 hours a year for a good cause. This year they havebrought an incredible 902 kilometres to the speedometer. This brought togethermore than 10,000 for a good cause. We have supported the action with 90 Ct perkilometer and are happy that such a sporty sum came together.

In total, the donations were distributed as follows:


Bellevue di Monaco: 2399,32 €

Jugendhilfe Ostafrika: 4428,82 €

Ärzte der Welt: 3382,50 €

We thank the Transpedal team for this great action. Keep up the good work!

Foto von Roman Pohorecki von Pexels

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