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The Amazon dilemma for retailers: On the one hand, services like Prime Now are raising customer expectations for fast deliveries. On the other hand, customers with the Prime concept are educated that delivery must not cost anything.

Just like in the article from IBM, we see Ship From Store as a way to stop it. By bringing pickup and delivery addresses close together when shipping from the local store, you can dramatically increase delivery speed and reduce costs.

With Packator Ship From Store we offer plug&play solutions nationwide. This works both for goods purchased in the store and for goods ordered online. Our couriers will then deliver comfortably to your home within the desired time window.  There is always a way out of the dilemma:-)

A practical example of how Ship From Store can work is shown in the video by Target from the USA, who have consistently implemented the concept.

Our goal at Packator is to offer our dealers customers the simplest possible solution to organize the logistics for a Ship From Store concept. Via the Packator platform, every retailer can immediately implement a corresponding delivery concept nationwide with just a few clicks.

Packator then organizes the local delivery within the desired time windows of the respective end customer. All this at easily calculable prices per delivery.

To ensure this, we work with thousands of courier drivers nationwide. So that we can always use exactly the right driver, no matter whether a bouquet of flowers or a surfboard should be transported.

With Packator, any retailer can provide amazon-like delivery services to their customers.

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