How does overnight work?

Again and again customers wonder how it is possible to deliver shipments throughout Germany so quickly.  Packator offers overnight delivery by 7 pm and delivery the next morning before 8 am.

This is made possible by the coordinated action of different partners. First, the shipment is collected on site by one of our city courier partners and taken to a local overnight depot. From there, in the evening they are transported by truck to one of the central overnight transshipment warehouses in Germany. Here, all incoming shipments are sorted at night and then returned to their destinations by truck. Very early the next morning, the goods are stored in the local target warehouse. From there, the courier partner in the destination city will then deliver the consignment to its destination in the early morning (an´s).

The entire network is usually exhausted down to the last centimetre of storage space. That's why two things are particularly important for overnight shipping:

1 We require the most accurate weight and size information possible. This is important for the planning of transport capacities and for correct price information. The so-called volume weight is decisive for the price. Here, the more important factor (weight or volume) is weighted. 

2. packaging that is safe for transport. As described above, each shipment is reloaded several times. It always has to be very fast. It can happen that not every package is handled with kid gloves. Therefore, overnight packaging should also protect the shipment from falls and blows. For fragile items, it is therefore better to apply an extra layer of bubble wrap and always use sturdy cardboard.

You can select several time windows for delivery on the following day. The more time couriers have for delivery, the cheaper it will be, as delivery can then be scheduled more flexibly.

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