Going by electric cargo bike

In order to further expand our green fleet and thus the range of CO2 neutral shipments for our customers, we are testing the e-cargo bike range from greenpack in Berlin.

This provides our drivers with an electric load wheel. The exciting thing about it is that the battery can be easily replaced at one of the Greenpack battery terminals distributed throughout the city. So our drivers always have enough power available for the next delivery.

The load wheels can easily keep up with the loading volume of a passenger car. Since you can also use them on the cycle path, you always find a gap in traffic and are even faster than your colleagues in the car at peak times.

The challenge is the weather conditions now in winter and the often very poor cycle paths in Berlin. After a day on the e-bike in Berlin, you have a clear idea of what it takes to make the city more bicycle-friendly and thus to redirect more delivery traffic to bicycles.

We need:

-wider cycle paths

- better regulations at junctions - cyclists first!

- own bike lanes, i.e. no combination solutions on the roadway and also not on the sidewalk

Bild von http://www.greenpack.de/pilotprojekt-berlin/

Mehr Infos zu Greenpack: https://youtu.be/UJR3k3qAR44

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