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For all those who don't want to queue up at the post office, we offer our super fast gift collection service. In 60 minutes our Packator HERO will be at your doorstep and will ensure that your gifts are shipped without any worries. You can give them all your presents. The HERO delivers everything to our Packator XMAS Hub. Here our diligent Christmas helpers will take care of your shipment. If you wish, your gift will be packed in an optimal packaging, provided with a parcel label and then we will hand over everything to our parcel partner DHL at optimal postage conditions.

You can always see where your gifts are at any time. The whole thing will be even cheaper with our voucher. Just use the coupon code XMAS2016 at the end of your order and save another 5 EURO.

If you have a whole load of gifts for us at once, please contact our customer service on 0800 600 2290 and we will give you an extra discount on your gift shipment. For individual gifts you can calculate a price here directly and without obligation.

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