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We pick up your eBay items, package and ship them!

We pick up your items sold on eBay, pack and ship them!

You like selling on eBay? And you'd even like to use eBay more often - but it bothers you that afterwards you have to send everything you've sold?

We know exactly what you're talking about. Because before your items get shipped, you have to

  • Find a carton in the right size
  • Wrap the goods safely for transport
  • Research the shipping costs
  • Deliver the parcel to the post office

It costs time, money and patience every time. But it doesn't have to! Why don't you just do it with Packator? For only a 5 Euro service fee our Packator HEROES will come to you within 60 minutes or at the desired date and collect your goods.

Whether it's one or a hundred. And best of all, you don't have to pack anything if you don't want to! We'll be happy to do that for you. Just hand over your sold items to us in whichever way is most convenient to you.

Bottom line, Packator means you:

  • Don't need to search for the right boxes
  • Don't need time-consuming packaging
  • Take advantage of shatterproof transport
  • Take advantage of the lowest shipping costs
  • Don't need to queue at the post office
  • Have your shipment insured for up to 1.500 Euro

From now on you can sell as much and as many items as you want on eBay, because the phrase "Oh, no. I'll have to pack it up and take it to the post office ", is no longer valid. Here you can also redeem a 5 Euro voucher "4SELLER", which means for the first pick-up we will only charge the shipping costs.

Happy Selling!

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