Rushing Rudi

"Slow is nice, but it's not my thing,"says Rudolf Holischek, 70 years old, the busiest bicycle courier at Packator.

Among all the Packator HEROES who are driving around, he stands out in particular. As a bicycle courier on the streets of Berlin, the wiry pensioner rides up to 1,200 km of freight kilometers per month!

He is equipped with state-of-the-art technology: he safely navigates through city traffic via smartphone and Bluetooth headset.

He doesn't need the job as a bike courier at all - "As an employee at BMW I earned very well. To this day, I am a welcome guest at the Leipzig premises and many people still recognize me."

Ironically, Rudi discovered his passion for cycling at BMW.

In order to do a little sport, he left the car behind and started riding his bicycle instead. Of course, many colleagues laughed at this. Which employee of an automobile company cycles to work?

"The same colleagues asked me a few years later for advice on buying a bike because they saw how healthy and fit I was,"Rudi says proudly.

Yet he also had an active youth. "I danced, smoked and drank a lot. But I always said to myself,"At 28, it's over."

No sooner said than done - at the age of 28, today's bicycle courier Rudi left his wild party life behind and took care of his health.

For him, however, cycling is not primarily a form of training, but above all fun.

Packator's customers, who have their parcels transported through the city by Rudi, also notice this.

"With a few exceptions, I get on very well with the customers, because I always try to be friendly - no matter what happens."

May our Rudi remain with us for a long time to come as a rushing bicycle courier and Packator HERO.

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