DepotCity and Packator

DepotCity and Packator enable nationwide Instant Delivery through modern fulfillment network

Two strong start-ups collaborate to reduce market share for established logistics companies

  • Instant & Same Day Delivery nationwide
  • Decentralized storage through simple fulfilment network
  • Flexible courier service in urban space

Together with the logistics start-up DepotCity, we will start a cooperation in January 2018 to offer same-day and immediate deliveries in urban areas throughout Germany. DepotCity offers the decentralized warehouse network and Packator provides the courier services.

In the joint project, DepotCity's online platform enables small e-commerce retailers to easily book free storage capacity and thus store their product portfolio on a decentralized basis. Thanks to the simple and structured booking process, customers receive an offer immediately, enabling them to benefit from an optimal warehousing strategy.

Packator delivers the orders to the customer within hours, if desired in a specific delivery time window. Packator's nationwide courier network enables our e-commerce customers to offer very attractive and flexible delivery options. This ensures that end customers can receive the ordered goods quickly. At the same time, traffic congestion in urban areas is reduced.

In plain language, this means that the goods are stored decentrally and close to the customer and then shipped exactly as required by the end customer. The infrastructure is provided by DepotCity and the delivery is carried out by Packator.

Through our collaboration, DepotCity customers benefit from increased delivery speed and Packator customers from an integrated storage and delivery solution. This cooperation enables us to significantly expand our range of fulfillment services for our customers.

About DepotCity:

DepotCity was founded in Cologne in 2017 and operates a platform for warehouse and fulfillment storage solutions. DepotCity digitizes the entire process, from the booking of a warehouse solution, the integration into merchandise management and shop systems as well as the reporting of warehouse activities.

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