New Service: Packator City Delivery Tours

We started with our new service offer the city delivery tours. Customers with more than 5 items per pick-up can book the city tour option via our service team. All items will be picked up by our courier team and then ditributed to the destination adresses in the time frame you or your customers want.

We have started the City Delivery Tours nationwide with our new offer. Customers who send several shipments in one go within a city can book the tour rate. The settlement is then per stop. This results in very attractive conditions. Packator calculates the optimal tours according to the customer's specifications. All tour stops can be operated in 2 hour time windows. If desired, recipients can be informed 15 minutes before the driver arrives and can then follow the driver on an interactive map.

One of the first reference customers in this area is the Kochhaus, for which we take over the delivery of their cooking boxes in several cities. Especially with food, it is crucial that everything is handled quickly and reliably. The Packator platform enables precise and transparent processing for all parties involved. The integrated couriers also benefit from optimal routes and an intuitive courier app on which they receive all information on your orders.

On request, we can also take over the storage and commissioning of the goods in the respective target cities. Customers then deliver to our city hubs close to the centre and Packator takes over delivery from there to the respective destination addresses within the desired time window.

The whole thing works in both directions, i.e. returns can also be collected in the Packator city area in the desired time window and then sent to their destination either directly or via the City Hubs.

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