CO2 neutral shipping

Packator offers individual solutions for CO2 neutral shipping.

We offer individual solutions for CO2 neutral shipping. In the field of city couriers we try to use our cyclists wherever possible to minimize CO2 emissions. In the case of national shipments or larger shipments in the city, we can compensate for CO2 emissions by reforestation of forests. To this end, we have decided to cooperate with "I plant a tree".

There are even more favourable ways to do this, for example by supporting reforestation projects in the third world. However, it is important to us that we are able to follow and control our own measures directly. At I plant a tree we can even plant our trees ourselves in case of doubt.

The trees grow into the sky

Under this motto we work together with "i plant a tree". We regularly donate part of our income to improve Packator's CO2 footprint.

For a city courier shipment with a delivery van we expect an average CO2 emission of 5kg. As a rule, a tree can compensate 100kg CO2 (approx. 10 kg per year). This means that one tree is due per 20 city courier journeys. For national shipments, the CO2 balance depends on many factors. Here we also work with average values.

As a customer you can book the climate-neutral shipping with us in your customer account. This increases costs by 3.75%.

For projects or recurring tours, we are also happy to calculate an individual offer and the exact CO2 balance including proof of neutralisation.

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