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Experience has shown that many self-employed courier drivers and small courier companies do not pay enough attention to tax and accounting issues. This can quickly have consequences if the tax office is "suddenly" with a high additional demand on the mat. We help in these cases as best we can, but of course we are not tax professionals. And as a self-employed driver or entrepreneur, you always end up being responsible for yourself.

However, unpleasant surprises can easily be avoided. In fact, a clever courier driver can even save taxes if he has his accounting under control and knows what expenses can be deducted from the tax. Admittedly, this is often not easy. A single courier needs to invest some time to keep track of everything.

It becomes more complicated for small courier companies that generate relatively high turnover and may even employ employees. In many cases it is worthwhile to hire a tax consultant. This saves the company almost always cash money: although it invoices its services, these costs can be deducted from the tax. At the same time, it helps to save taxes.

A great solution for both individual couriers and courier companies with or without tax consultants is the BuchhaltungsButler. The innovative software runs completely in the browser and makes correct accounting easier than ever before. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that the bookkeeping butler focuses on automation and learns independently. This means that the software gradually recognizes all scanned documents and knows directly how they have to be posted. For the import of receipts and invoices into the software, there are different possibilities, for example, quite simply by app with the mobile phone camera, or also by e-mail.

The BuchhaltungsButler makes working with the tax consultant easier than ever, thanks to the automatic entry and preparation of documents. There is no more stress with missing documents or information, because all receipts and all transactions are sorted and parked daily. The BuchhaltungsButler can even be easily connected directly to your bank account via an interface, so that all account movements are always automatically available in the software.

Packator courier drivers receive exclusive conditions for those who want to get their finances in order with the BuchhaltungsButler. Just enter the coupon code "PACKATOR" to receive a 10€ discount on all packages with monthly payment or 4€ discount per month with annual payment.

The first 5 Packator courier partners who would like to try out the offer even receive special onboarding support - personally from the experts at BuchhaltungsButler. So: It's worth it!

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