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We deliver medications and medical supplies to your customers at home or in the office. Easy booking, fast pickups and deliveries. 100% availability.
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A service your customers will come back for

Upgrade your service with home delivery

Do you have an order ready to be picked up? Request a delivery from Packator and we will pick up and deliver right away.

Provide your customers with peace of mind

Your customer will be informed of the delivery and be able to wait comfortably at home for their medicine.

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Solutions to boost your business

Easy booking & excellent service

Place your order in a heartbeat and get the service you deserve, powered by our team and a great network of partners.

100% response rate

Thanks to our many partners we deliver anything, anywhere. Big or small, closeby or far away; try us any time, we won’t leave you hanging.

Transparent prices

You give us the details of your order and we name you a price that really sticks. Hello transparent prices, adieu bad surprises.

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Packator for retailers

Packator delivery service for pharmacies

"We don't have that right now, but I can order it."

There are many reasons to visit a pharmacy or medical supply store. In many cases, medicines and medical supplies are not in stock. Although most medicines and articles can be procured within a few hours, the customer has to come back to pick them up. Exactly what he doesn't want.

The solution is called Packator. We offer an easy delivery service and deliver your medicines and medical devices to your customers, whether at home or in the office. This increases customer satisfaction, supports customer loyalty and generates more sales.

You can easily book our delivery service online. You will receive a customer account with a collection address and master data. Then enter the destination address and the time window in which you want to deliver. Packator does the rest.

Upon request, we will inform your customers 15 minutes before arrival that the goods will arrive soon. You can see which shipments have already been delivered and which are still in progress.

Test us! If you are a pharmacist or a medical supply company, offer your customers the delivery to a desired address. With this service offer you differentiate yourself in the market.

Please contact us! We will be happy to make you an individual offer.

You're not a pharmacist at all, you don't have a medical supply store but you have read up to here? The next time you are being put off because something is out of stock, ask for a delivery via Packator.

Packator is more than just a digital courier service. With our nationwide network of courier partners, we offer an optimal solution for every delivery and guarantee maximum availability and a transparent delivery process.