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The top 7 tips from Packator on ideal packaging!

Packing cartons and delivering them to the post office is not a big issue - and can be done quickly. That's what many online merchants seem to think when they go online with their shop - and straight away make their first mistake. Because what looks simple, in the end costs valuable time, which otherwise is much better invested. In addition, customers are extremely sensitive to unpleasant packaging, unnecessary filling material, or packages that do not arrive at the recipient in perfect condition. Our conclusion: If you know the basics of correct packaging, you can have a lasting positive effect on your business success in the e-commerce business.

As an online retailer, the following seven tips will tell you what to consider when deciding on the right packaging.

Tip 1) Leave a good first impression

There is only one chance for the first impression! Both the first appearance of the shipment and the opening of the packaging should leave a positive impression on your customers. Packaging that has a professional appearance is a packaging with a protectice container, a printed image, or customer-friendly handling - for example through tear-open perforation.

The side effect for you as a retailer: With high-quality packaging, the value of your product and your service automatically increases in the eyes of the customer.

To ensure that your customer's shopping experience is always positive when opening the package, you should also ensure that the invoice and return note are not the first things to catch the eye. After all, every parcel reception is comparable to receiving a gift. And whoever receives a gift would first and foremost like to be pleased - and not just keep an eye on the price tag.

Tip 2) Choose the optimal packaging

Too much packaging and superfluous filling material will look unprofessional and increase your costs. Which, of course, is completely unnecessary. Therefore, the guiding principle here is: As much protection as necessary with as little packaging material as possible.

A sensible combination of carton and filling material is decisive for the dispatch of your goods. In addition, packaging should be practical, easy to use and - for you as an online retailer - not too cost-intensive. Of course, it is important that the size and quality of the packaging selected matches the product to be shipped. Those who observe this also avoid transport damage. These can occur, for example, if fragile goods are sent in packages that are too large and contain insufficient filling material. Here too, you can save costs in the shipping process: less transport damage also reduces the risk of a return due to damage to your goods.  

Tip 3) Keep possible Returns in mind

Speaking of returns: Whether clothing shops or websites for shoes - in many e-commerce sectors, the issue of returns plays an important role. Therefore, it is a great advantage if you consider the possibility of  your products being returned when selecting the appropriate packaging right from the start. After all, the goods should not only be returned to the customer undamaged, but - in the case of a return - they should also be returned to you undamaged. Dealers who design their packaging in such a way that it may only provide reliable protection in the first stage of transport, but are already weakened by the return shipment, have clearly saved money in the wrong place. Damaged goods can no longer be sold. In other words, to minimize the handling effort and costs for your business, you should ensure that the packaging of the goods is of high quality. This is the only way to ensure that products will come back to you undamaged.

Tip 4) Find individual solutions

There is no standard answer to the question of the optimal packaging for online trading. Of course, the solutions look very different depending on the product. If, for example, the assortment consists of particularly fragile products such as porcelain, glassware or wine bottles, you as a retailer need appropriately tested packaging and also labels to ensure safe shipping. The advantage of a well-protective packaging: the customer receives the goods as he expects them to be. Without causing trouble, damage to him or the retailer, and without any risk of a return because the goods are damaged. Fashion articles or larger products such as furniture require different packaging solutions. Unfortunately, it is sometimes overlooked that the packaging must not only match the product, but also the process. This means that online retailers should of course select their packaging according to the size, weight and sensitivity of the products. However, it should not be forgotten that packaging processes, quantities and handling requirements should also be considered. Individuality must also fit the carrier's processes in order to ensure smooth delivery processes and prevent the chosen packaging from being damaged during transport.

Tip 5) Combine Eco-friendly solutions into your business

Environmentally friendly packaging is becoming more and more popular - and is being appreciated by more and more customers in view of the increasing number of shipping processes in online retailing.  Packaging made of corrugated  and regular cardboard are considered to be particularly sustainable because it is made from renewable raw materials with a high recycling rate. In the case of corrugated board, the recycling quota even reaches almost 100 percent. The positive impression of the customers is therefore fully justified. Filling material such as bubble wrap is also customer-friendly and environmentally friendly. The simplest method for environmentally friendly packaging is of course to use as little packaging material as possible. However, this is only possible if you manage the entire shipping process professionally. Space-saving packaging, also known as "packaging optimization", is becoming increasingly important. A major advantage for your business: You can communicate your resource-saving actions by a corresponding note on the cardboard box and thus immediately score points with your customer.

Tip 6) Make your customers happy

Although there is no direct customer contact in the e-commerce business, you can still take advantage of many opportunities (or even waste them) to score points with your packaging. The aspect of "environmentally friendly packaging" is just one of many. For example, professional and high quality packaging can usually be an essential instrument to strengthen your brand. After all, which customer's heart does not beat faster if the ordered goods leave a convincing impression at first glance? However, if the product is too extensively packaged, a high waste disposal effort for the customer is incurred, which often leads to annoyance. This makes it all the more important that you think along with the customer's perspective throughout the shipping process.

Tip 7) Save time for your business through outsourcing

You don't have time to dedicate yourself to the subject of packaging or to queue up at the post office to get your customers' shipping orders underway? No problem! Packator, the on-demand shipping service, will be happy to help you out. As a company or business, you can easily have Packator pick up  your shipments , have them professionally packaged and shipped, or leave all your logistics in our hands. It does not matter whether the consignments have already been packed or are still unpacked. This means no more searching for shipping charges and optimal packaging sizes, no more packing, no queuing at the post office counter. And best of all, on-demand collection is free of charge for companies. Whether you send three parcels a month or 100 a day. For all others, the pick-up costs five euros. The additional costs are fixed and independent of the service provider by whom the parcels are shipped. Detailed information can be found here. Another advantage for you and your customers: each consignment is insured by us up to 1,000 Euro!

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