Fulfillment with Ambition

As an online retailer, if you sell specialty products, you quickly get into difficulties when you look for a fulfillment service provider. Clearly, a good fulfillment process is trimmed for efficiency and there is little room for deviations or complicated intermediate steps.

But what if a product is to be sold that requires special care or a lot of manual work? Standardized processes quickly reach their limits, especially among the major suppliers.

At Packator, on the other hand, we do everything we can to ensure that our customers' special requirements are met with the necessary flexibility. We have deliberately designed our processes to be open and have the human resources to meet individual requirements.

We can refine, sort, test, clean, decorate, individually design, reassemble, repack and much more. We can provide outgoing parcels with individual branding, implement special packaging requirements or add inserts to the parcel. In close cooperation with our customers, we combine efficiency and individuality. We also see ourselves as an open provider - our customers are always welcome in our central warehouse to participate in the initial installation and continuous improvement of all processes.

Contact us and we will find a flexible solution for your fulfillment requirements. You can reach us by phone on 030-577005345 or by e-mail at e-commerce@packator.com.

Find out more about fulfillment with Packator on our website. In the News section we have already gathered information on how to set up your own online shop and how best to approach the subject of fulfillment.

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